Plenitude is the second book of the french author Katy Danjou published by Editions Hope. I’ve been commissioned to create the cover art, the pages designs & typesetting and to illustrate the main sections of the book . As a huge fan of the first Katy’s book, I was thrilled to work directly with her for our first collaboration.


Plenitude is a collection of short texts, a hymn to life, to hope. The book reveals the essence of the writer soul, explores her path, like a gaze on this world, a bridge between the two borders of her secret universe, from the shadow to the light…
The texts are a tribute to her passions, muses, inspirations.


The instructions for this project was simple: to have a bright cover, an open way, a radiant light, a movement who symbolises a door to the Out there. The idea for the inside illustrations was to match the theme of the section, like a blurry dreamy vision and to have them in Black&White. I also had to create custom typography for the texts titles.

It was a very exciting creative project and interesting to transform the manuscript in a finished book ready to be printed and published.


20 x 12,5 cm
82 Pages
Color Softcover
B&W printing on 90 gr cream-colored paper
ISBN: 978-2-9534055-0-7
Also available as ebook

Plenitude by Katy Danjou - Cover Art
Plenitude by Katy Danjou - Cover Art

Cover Art.

Book Design.

Plenitude by Katy Danjou - Book Design


The main sections of the book are illustrated to introduce the theme. The title is highlighted with an ornament and a custom font.


To avoid and embellish blank pages, we’ve decided to add a stylish ornament, with a growing shape, different on each page.

Plenitude by Katy Danjou - Book Design


Creative and readable font with a custom ornament to enhance each text titles.


Well-balanced typesetting and appealing page layout to offer a good reading experience.

Look inside the Book
Plenitude by Katy Danjou - eBook


The same book design has been converted to be similar and readable on eBook.


The illustrations exist in an alternative A2 version who have been printed and framed to be displayed at two exhibitions and during the french national promo tour of Katy’s book.


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