Hótelráðgjöf is a consulting agency in marketing and development in Hospitality and Tourism in Iceland. They offer a variety of services to help business blast off. They harness knowledge and creativity into viable solutions to assist and advise hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and apartments all around Iceland.


The mission was to design a modern and light logo who illustrates the concept of their agency. They requested minimalist shapes, to include their target customers and have a touch of serenity and nature.

Logo Design.

Hótelráðgjöf - Visit Card

Visit Card.

Business card printed on a naturally textured high quality paper. Printed on both sides: one with information in Icelandic and the other side with information in English.


Temporary version

Hótelráðgjöf requested a temporary website to introduce quickly all their services.

Responsive design

All pages elements automatically adjust for different screen sizes and viewports.


Website in Icelandic and in English. Automatic redirect based on browser language.


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