Whispers is a trilogy by Katy Danjou. The novels have been published in English and French by Editions Hope. I’ve created the cover art for each books. I’ve designed and typeset the page layouts for the printed versions and for the ebooks.

The brief for the project was to keep common graphic details for the series and to use light, metaphoric and symbolic elements to match the theme of the book.

It was a very rewarding experience and something new to explore. It is always great to work on each steps of a project from the manuscript to the final version in hands, especially for a trilogy on several years.

Jacques, Being of Light

20 x 12,5 cm
252 Pages
Color Softcover
90gsm paper
ISBN: 978-2-9534055-4-5
Published in March 2015

Look inside the Book
The Waltz of the Eagle

20 x 12,5 cm
266 Pages
Color Softcover
90gsm paper
ISBN: 978-2-9534055-6-9
Published in May 2016

Look inside the Book

20 x 12,5 cm
414 Pages
Color Softcover
90gsm paper
ISBN: 978-2-9534055-8-3
Published in October 2018

Look inside the Book

Cover Art.

Book Design.

Whispers Page Design


Readable font to offer a good reading experience.


Custom font for titles and appealing page layout.


The book design has been converted to be similar and readable on eBook.


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