VP Law is the project of Pham The Vuong, an advisory lawyer based in Reykjavik, working and involved with the Vietnamese community. He founded a platform with a blog where he discusses practical legal issues and writes about the life of immigrants. The main purpose of his project is to offer a useful channel of information for the community, to help people understand and use the Icelandic laws, to assist and give advices, to share experiences and clarify complex knowledges.


I’ve been commissioned to design the logo for the platform and for all communication documents (letterhead, visit card, promotional material, etc…). Vuong is passionate about fountain pens. The creative brief was to include three main ideas: the law, the community and the fountain pen.

Fountain Pen
Scales of justice
Pillars of law
Basic Black


Solid Grey


Metallic Bronze


Business Blue


Logo Design.


The logo has been used on an expertly crafted business stationery. Letterhead, envelopes & visit cards printed on a luxury paper.

VP Law - Prints


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